New Quincy

Lance Katigbak New QuincyCommunity Spaces
Dining Hall

Quincy House is not only home to Harvard’s best house community, but also home to the friendliest dining hall staff around. The spacious dining hall with its second-story view over the courtyard and Mount Auburn Street provides great food, sociability, and a place for House members, faculty, and guests to gather, work, and play - we hope you will enjoy the food and service.



Dining Hall - Sophomore "Harry Potter" Dinner

  • Community Dinner - Every Thursday evening from 5:15 - 7:00pm, the dining hall is exclusively reserved for the Quincy community. This is a time to meet and interact with others in the Quincy community so outside guests are not permitted. 
  • Meal PlansThe careless use of food, equipment, and tableware, as well as providing food to unauthorized persons, is expensive and this expense is ultimately reflected in the price of your board contracts. The importance of swiping your ID card goes beyond charging for your meals. Meals are unlimited to students, and swiping is a tool used to account for the amount of food needed for each meal. Please swipe for each meal. There are no meal plan refunds.
  • Box Meals Box Meals for lunch and/or dinner may be requested one day in advance at the checker’s desk. Box meals are issued for University-related activities, work, or travel. Food will not be issued in place of meals not taken, and food must not be taken away from the dining room. Bag meals may be ordered online.
  • Meeting Rooms:
    • Levesque Room: Located off the back right corner of the Dining Hall. About 10-12 people can be seated around the table. Available for lunch and dinner tables.
    • Spindell Room: Located off the back left corner of the Dining Hall. Approximately 12-15 people can be seated around the table; additional seating along the perimeter. Available for lunch and dinner tables. Also available for evening meetings.


Junior Common Room (JCR)
There are so many reasons to visit the JCR: Relax, study, watch TV, play piano, hang-out, meet up with classmates, or performance in the annual Quincy's Got Talent Show!


House (Kates) Conference Room
Located in the House Office area on the first floor of New Quincy. Holds 10-12 people. Available for
reservation only during evening hours; door must be unlocked by the Security Guard. Reserved for resident tutor advising meetings during working hours. Has table, chairs, blackboard and whiteboard.

Seminar Room 2 (Shinagel Room)
Located off the right side of the hallway by the Building Manager’s Office. Holds up to 16 people. Has table, chairs and blackboard. Can be unlocked by the Building Manager or the Security Guard.

Qube LibraryLibrary
The Qube is Quincy's quiet study space. It is accessible by card access 24/7. The Qube is not staffed, and the books are non-circulating. The Qube also has one of the best comic book collections around. If you wish to have a look at it, contact the House Administrator. Again, the Qube is Quincy's quiet study space. The room is not meant for group study or for student meetings.

Bullitt Room
Can accommodate approximately 30 people. Has tables, chairs, and a whiteboard. A key can be obtained from the Building Manager’s Office in exchange for your ID.

When the Quincy Gym was created in 2004, then House Co-Master Robert P. Kirshner joked “An inert body without a gym becomes spherical." So visit the gym! It's located in the basement of New Quincy. 

Pottery Studio
Quincy House is home to a satellite studio for the Ceramics Program.  Please contact Evan Mateen or Heather Lorentz with any inquiries.