Heating & Cooling

The entire heating & cooling system for both Stone Hall and New Quincy are regulated depending on the season. Fans are provided to each room for the warmer months. Each room's temperature is carefully monitored so the use of prohibited heating/cooling devices will be detected and students will be asked to remove them.

Winter Recess Heating will be at a constant 60º 24 hours a day for the entire break.

As in the past, we will seek to minimize energy expenditures in buildings that are largely unoccupied, while at the same time providing comfortable conditions for those who must remain in residence. Senior Tutors, Assistant Deans, guest suite occupants, Building Manager, tutor and proctor families with small children, and the House Offices will have special treatment. Electric heaters will provide supplementary heat when necessary (space heaters will not be issued to students.) Should occupants of any of these suites find that temperatures fall to uncomfortable levels, they should contact the Building Manager. Heating emergencies in off-hours or on holidays should be directed to the Control Center (617-495-5560).

In all areas of the buildings except those listed above, temperatures will be kept as cool as is prudent and possible. All those areas that have heat controls separate from the general building controls (dining halls, common rooms, etc.) will be maintained in the 50's. Students should be advised that temperatures in their suites are likely to be substantially cooler than normal. Tutors and proctors without children will have access to a limited supply of electric heaters through the Building Manager, and we anticipate maintaining temperatures in their suites in the low 60's.

Help ensure that your room is comfortable and not wasting energy:
New Quincy House is heated by hot water circulating through the radiators in each room. The temperature of the circulating hot water depends on how cold the temperature is outside. As the weather gets colder, the water temperature becomes hotter.

There is no way to control room radiator temperatures on an individual basis. However, on top of each radiator there are two thumb-sized knobs that open and close the vent-flaps on your radiator. Use these to control the temp. in your room—opening the vent-flaps will allow more air to circulate and warm your room—leaving the vent-flaps closed will keep you room cooler.

Help ensure that your room is comfortable and not wasting energy: :

1. Please check that all windows are closed tightly. Windows should not be open during the heating season.
2. Remove furniture, clothes and books from around radiators to allow air to circulate.
3. Beds - please do not block the radiator with your bed. It will prevent the heat from coming in.
4. Please contact the Building Manager if your room is overheating and you feel it is wasting energy or if your room will not remain comfortably warm during daytime hours.
5. Take advantage of curtains, drapes and blinds to keep the cold out and heat in by closing them at night.