Public Service

Public Service at Harvard University 
Public Service is large part of many Quincy students’ lives. Summer, term and post-graduate experiences are all available through the college’s Public Service Network, the Phillips Brooks House Association. If you would like help finding the right opportunity for you, the Public Service Tutors will be happy to talk with you about all of the resources available. Here is some information to get you started:

Volunteering During the Term Time: 
The Phillips Brooks House Association is a collection of 74 student run programs. These programs serve the greater Boston and Cambridge Communities. PBHA is one of the largest student run non-profits in the country. Its dual mission focuses on community service and development and student development. Student directors are provided with trainings from PBHA and the Public Service Academy These training prepare student leaders with the skills needed to lead in the non-profit sector. To see a full list of PBHA programs visit the PBHA website The Public Service Network (PSN) is a collection of volunteer programs that operate on campus and in the local area. PSN sends out a weekly email with information about job postings, volunteer openings, trainings and sources of funding. To subscribe to this weekly email visit PSN at

Volunteering During the Summer: 
There a lots of opportunities to volunteer or engage in community service during the summer months. Information about these opportunities can be found at OCS, the IOP, PSN and PBHA (the Summer Urban Programs SUP). International and Domestic opportunities are available in direct service and government contexts. If you are thinking about engaging in a summer of service, the Quincy House Public Service Tutors will be happy to point you in a few directions.

Post Graduate Service Opportunities: 
There are several post graduate fellowships for service work including but not limited to the Pforzheimer, Richardson and Stride Rite Post Graduate Fellowship. Information about these Fellowships will be posted on the House Bulletin Board (in the lobby). The Center for Public Interest Careers (CPIC), offers internship placements at non-profit programs across the country. These internships are designed to be both post-graduate and summer experiences.