What are fellowships? 

Fellowships are grants for travel, research, work, or study. There are national fellowships and Harvard fellowships, short-term and long-term fellowships, and fellowships for every step of your undergraduate career—and beyond.

How do I figure out which fellowships to apply for?

Harvard has many resources to help you find fellowships; here’s where you should start: 


The full-time staff at the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships is dedicated to helping you identify and apply for awards. Familiarize yourself with their website, attend one of their info sessions, and sign up for their mailing lists!


The database of Funding and Opportunities for Undergraduates is Harvard's most comprehensive listing of fellowships. Log in, check some boxes, and see what’s out there! 

How can the Fellowships Committee help?

Once you’ve done your initial research, feel free to get in touch with one of the Fellowships Committee members. Our main role is to help you develop your application materials and prepare for interviews. To that end, we are happy to:

  • Discuss the terms and agendas of different fellowships
  • Strategize letters of recommendation
  • Review drafts of personal statements and other supporting documents
  • Arrange mock interviews

We’re familiar with many of the fellowships Harvard students apply for, but our knowledge is far from encyclopedic, and we encourage you to make use of the resources at URAF and FOUnd, particularly in the early stages!