Consent Advocacy and Relationship Education

Unfortunately, confusing and abusive situations occur. Rape and sexual harassment, be they by acquaintances or strangers DO happen at Harvard. If you are struggling with questions about or feelings about a scary or confusing incident or comment, you should not feel that you have to deal with it alone. Quincy House CARE tutors  are trained CARE advisors and would be happy to talk with you about any related questions or topics.We hope you will not hesitate to consult with Heather, Jennifer, Sina, Natalia, or the Resident Dean, Laura Hawkins, who is also an official Consent Advocacy and Relationship Education Advisor. Contact Laura at 5-2286 (office) or via email.
 In addition there are several other campus and Boston area resources:

Through the SHARE website, you can connect with timely and confidential counseling, explore filing a complaint, contact specially trained 24/7 emergency services, and learn about engaging interim measures — academic, workplace, housing, or other support services — to help you continue to participate in all aspects of the Harvard community.
Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, which is committed to supporting and empowering survivors of violence. OSAPR runs a 24-Hour Information/Support Line at (617) 495-9100. All assistance is confidential.
University Health Services (UHS) and the Bureau of Study Counsel (BSC) provide a variety of confidential counseling resources.
A report can be made to the sensitive crimes unit of the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) by calling their 24-hour hotline at 617-495-1976.
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital: Students who are interested in having medical evidence collected should visit the hospital with in 5 days of the incident.
Boston Area Rape Crisis Center: 617-492-7273 The BARC is the best resource for students who are uncomfortable using university resources.
Sexual Abuse Recovery Center: Help is available if you call the hotline at 1-888-299-5213.