After you've submitted the Party Registration Form, review the "Private Party Policy" and "Checklist for Hosts."

Private Party Policy
Please adhere to these guidelines when hosting a private party within your suite:

  1. Communication
    Please inform your neighbors and resident entryway tutor at least two days in advance that you plan to host a party. You might find it helpful to call on your entryway tutor for help during the party in case of medical problems or unruly guests. You should also be aware that Quincy House has a security guard on duty nightly between 4:45 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. in the event of an emergency. The guard is stationed in the Superintendent's Office and the phone number is 617-495-2289.  Also keep the Harvard Police number handy: 617-495-1212. The Tutor-On-Call cell phone number is 617-752-2337.
  2. Containment
    Parties should be contained within the suite; there should be no drinking, smoking, loitering, or dancing in hallways or stairwells. Hosts are responsible for controlling the size of the party and keeping hallways and stairwells clear. Parties which repeatedly overflow into public spaces after hosts have been notified will be closed down, as they constitute a potential hazard in case of fire or other emergency.
  3. Closed Doors/Entryways
    Hosts are responsible for keeping entryway and outside doors locked. These doors may not be propped open.
  4. Complaints
    At no time should music/noise be disturbing to others. We must respect the rights of all our neighbors (Quincy House and beyond) at all times. Hosts notified of complaints will initially be asked to reduce the volume of music and/or the noise of partygoers; additional complaints concerning noise received thereafter could result in the party being shut down. Quincy House follows general University guidelines pertaining to noise and party limits, i.e., that parties, noise, music, etc. should not be heard after 11:00 p.m. on weeknights and 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.
  5. Clean-up
    Private party hosts are responsible for any public spaces that may be trashed due to their guests' actions. Students who host a private party are responsible for returning public access spaces around their suites to a pre-party condition within two hours of the party's close. A handout with advice and information about clean-up and cleaning equipment is available from the Building Manager's Office.
  6. Conduct
    Students must adhere to rules in the Handbook for Students, especially the section entitled "Policies Governing Residency in the Houses and Dormitories," as well as Harvard College 's policy regarding alcohol and drugs.
  7. Registration
    Hosts of private parties must fill out the Party Registration form, available in the Resident Dean's Office, and return it, legibly signed both by hosts and entryway tutors, to the Resident Dean's Office. The Party Registration form is due before noon the day of the party (or noon on Friday for weekend parties).
  8. Advertising
    Advertising is not permissible.
  9. Funding
    Funds from the College or from its agents (including House Committees) may not be used to support private parties held in private rooms.
  10. Location of Alcohol Consumption
    Alcohol consumption is prohibited to all persons (students, guests, tutors, faculty, and staff) in all public areas of Quincy house, except during special events sanctioned by the House. Public areas include all of the following: courtyards, stairwells, hallways, elevators, lobby areas in New Quincy (including the grille area), and all other obviously public localities. Please use good judgment.  All persons found drinking alcohol, or carrying open containers, in the House's public areas will be asked to cease this behavior immediately; failure to do so will constitute grounds for disciplinary action. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as well as that of your guests in honoring this policy.

Checklist for Hosts 
The host of any party is responsible for the following:

  1. Discuss in advance the size of the party, the date, time, and host(s) with your entryway tutor, and report to your Resident Dean using the Party Registration form. Please note that the Party Registration form must be filled out and delivered to the Resident Dean's Office by noon the day of the party, or noon on Friday for weekend parties.
  2. Respect your neighbors' interests; noise after 11:00 p.m. on a week night and 1:00 a.m. on the weekend (or earlier, if anyone makes a complaint) should not be audible outside the room.
  3. Confine the party to a suite; hallways or stairwells are not to be used for entertaining.
  4. Station a host at the party's entrance/exit to ensure that no open containers of alcohol leave the party.
  5. Be certain that entry doors are kept locked and that non-House guests are met downstairs.
  6. Ensure that food and non-alcoholic beverages are available if alcohol is provided.
  7. Ensure that the conduct of your guests is orderly.
  8. Anticipate "crashing" attempts by outsiders attracted by music or word-of-mouth. Ask several friends to be ready to assist you in encouraging uninvited and unwanted guests to leave the party and, under escort, the House.
  9. Collect all trash in containers including that in public areas. Report any damage promptly to the Superintendent, who will check with you on the next business day. Damage in the area will be assumed to have been caused by guests and will be the responsibility of the host(s).
  10. Clean the floors, including those in public areas, if necessary.


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