Sina Hoche

Sina Hoche

Resident Tutor
Germanic Languages & Literatures / Studies of Women, Gender, & Sexuality
Sina Hoche

Hi Penguins! Welcome or welcome back to Quincy House! We are excited for our third year as tutors here at Quincy. We are both from small towns in the middle of Germany where we met at a music festival in 2008 and have been together ever since. We did our undergraduate degree in Germany and went to study abroad in the UK. We are both 5th year PhD candidates in the German department at Harvard. Sina’s research focuses on depictions of gender, sexuality and violence in German literature and visual art – she is pursuing a secondary field in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Jermain works primarily on how environmental questions figure in literature and other media and how – long before our current climate change debate – they have intersected with political questions – he is pursuing a secondary field in Art, Film, and Visual Studies.

We both love sports and outdoor activities like rock climbing and bouldering, snowboarding, running, hiking, and – most importantly (at least for Jermain) – soccer.

We live in Stone Hall with our two cats – Koko and Frank. They are both Hurricane Harvey rescue kittens from Houston, Texas and the most friendly and cuddly cats and love to meet new people (although Frank can be quite a troublemaker, apologies in advance if you hear cabinets banging in the middle of the night). If you ever crave a bit of kitten time, Frank and Koko are very excited to hang out."

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