Jermain Heidelberg

Jermain Heidelberg

Resident Tutor
Germanic Languages & Literatures
Jermain Heidelberg

Hi Penguins! Welcome or welcome back to Quincy House! My name is Jermain and I am excited for my fourth year at Quincy. Before coming to Harvard to pursue my PhD in German Studies, I did my undergraduate degree in Germany and studied abroad in the UK. There is two topics I am particularly interested in in my research: 1. how we historically have thought about nature and the environment and how these changing conceptions have informed the way we interact with the environment, 2. digital humanities (the intersection of CS and humanities research). I live in Quincy with my partner Sina and our two rescue cats Frank and Koko. They are both Hurricane Harvey rescue kittens from Houston, Texas and the most friendly and cuddly cats and love to meet new people (although Frank can be quite a troublemaker, apologies in advance if you hear cabinets banging in the middle of the night). If you ever crave a bit of kitten time, Frank and Koko are very excited to hang out. When I'm not doing research, I follow my main three passions: rock climbing, running, and music. I'm also a huge soccer fan (go BVB!) and have played since age 4.

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