Senan Ebrahim

Senan Ebrahim

Resident Tutor
Senan Ebrahim

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Area of research: Neurobiology
I’d Invite to Quincy Dinner: My brothers
Favorite Course: Philosophy 8
Favorite Study Space: Law School library
Favorite Book: Long Walk to Freedom
Favorite Actor: Michael B. Jordan
Favorite Way to Get Active: Rock climbing
Favorite Comedian: Anjelah Johnson
Favorite Music: Armin van Buuren

I am now a sixth-year MD/PhD student in the Health Sciences and Technology program at Harvard Medical School. My chief research interest is cortical physiology, and I study seizure dynamics in the lab of Sydney Cash. I also launched Hikma Health, an initiative to bring digital health solutions to the Syrian refugee crisis. At college, I concentrated in neurobiology and transferred into Quincy my junior year to fulfill my destiny of becoming a Penguin. I served as UC President in 2011 and was active in the Harvard Mountaineering Club and Engineers Without Borders. After college, I studied Andean ethnoedicine in Peru on a Trustman Fellowship, and worked on technologies that empower patients and improve outcomes globally with Daktari Diagnostics. I also enjoy the dubious distinction of being the fastest ever eliminated in Quincy Assassins, surviving just thirty seconds in the 2012 series. I’ve previously been a non-resident tutor at Quincy for two years and am looking forward to my fourth year as a resident tutor. I enjoyed being a part of the Quincy IM victory in the 2018 Straus Cup, particularly our undefeated water polo squad.

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