Anil Mundra

Anil Mundra

Resident Tutor
Philosophy/Religion/South Asian Studies
Anil Mundra

Heather and Anil have profoundly enjoyed being part of the Quincy community for the past 5 years, it truly has been like an extended family. Anil is doing his PhD on religious diversity and Indian philosophy at the Divinity school. Heather spent almost a decade working in wealth management and client relationship management for several investment banks in New York City. We live on the 3rd floor of New Quincy and we have two kids plus a dog (a pointer/beagle rescue named Quorra). Our 8-year old son, Bodhin (nicknames: Bo or Bodhi) studied Portuguese at a local public school the past 4 years and he is learning capoeira (Brazilian martial arts/dance), ukulele, and he loves playing chess, Minecraft and Pokemon with Quincy students. Our 4-year old son is named Kian (nicknames: Ki or Kiki), and he loves imitating his big brother, making sushi and jumping in puddles! Both kids will be studying Mandarin at a local public school this year. Heather and Anil met in college at the University of Chicago, where Anil studied Math and Philosophy of Science, and Heather studied Anthropology.

Anil has practiced capoeira for almost 20 years, and he plays the guitar each night to wind the kids down before bedtime- let us know if you ever want to have a jam session or sing-along! After college, Anil worked in human rights and international development in Asia, then as a journalist for NPR in South America. Anil loves to converse in the languages he’s learned along the way (including Portuguese—join him and Bo at the language table in the dining hall!) plus Spanish, Hindi as well as Sanskrit, Prakrit, and Pali (although they are not spoken so much in recent millennia).

Heather cares deeply about student happiness and well-being, and enhancing the quality of student life through meditation (Koru mindfulness workshops hosted at Quincy), along with art (as Quincy's pottery studio liaison), and in her role as a CARE Tutor. Heather is passionate about promoting student entrepreneurship too, and she has been involved in efforts for Quincy's Q-Combinator incubator revival. She is also interested in early childhood development, and has worked as a co-founder, teacher and recruiter for two parent-operated cooperative preschools in Chicago and Cambridge.

We invite you to say hi, play with our kids, pet our dog, have a cup of homemade chai, or chat with us about anything under the sun!



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