Aaron Henricks

Aaron Henricks

Resident Tutor
Prelaw Committee Chair
Aaron Henricks

Hi Quincy, I’m Aaron! I graduated from Harvard College in 2016 as a proud member of Quincy House and now am in my first year at Harvard Law School. As an undergraduate, I studied government, performed improv with IGP, and was involved with the Institute of Politics. I spent most of my nights at the Quincy Grille or playing Mario Kart in my dorm – I am unbeatable. After college, I moved to my home state of Florida to work in government there, specifically for the Department of Agriculture. Ask me about oranges or Zika virus! Or both!

In my spare time, I love swimming, hanging out in the dining hall, and watching sports. If you ever want to talk about summer opportunities in DC, politics, comedy, writing, law school, or why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to win the Super Bowl, please come say hi!

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