BGLTQ advisors help to promote an open and respectful atmosphere in Quincy House regarding issues of gender and sexuality.  We are sensitive to a wide range of issues such as homophobia, coming-out, family issues, gender identity and expression, and the like.  As advisors and advocates for BGLTQ  students at Harvard—as well as their friends and roommates—we attend monthly meetings with designated tutors from other Houses and first-year proctors from the Yard.  We hope that you will feel comfortable coming to us to discuss any problems, concerns, or issues you may have.  College can be a liberating and also confusing time for BGLTQ students, and we’re here to help and support you.
For more information on Harvard-related BGLTQ resources, please check out the resources page at  Office of BGLTQ Student Life. For a list of upcoming events, please have a look at their calendar.